Meet Dr. Eskanos

Dr. Keith Eskanos

Dr. Eskanos was born in Santa Monica, California. Prior to graduating from the USC School of Dentistry in 1989, he was a dental assistant for two years. Over the 35+ years Dr. Eskanos has been involved in dentistry, he has treated patients in a multitude of settings and environments. Dr. Eskanos focuses his attention on cosmetic, implant and prosthetic dentistry while utilizing his extensive knowledge of alternative medicine modalities and supplements.

Dr. Eskanos was the team dentist for the Long Beach Ice Dogs professional hockey team for ten years and has lectured on the importance of protective mouthguards for the public and athletic coaches, dental-facial trauma for emergency room physicians, dentists and trainers, and dental treatment pre- and post- cancer therapy for oncologists and patients. During his time away from the office, Dr. Eskanos enjoys scuba diving, playing pool and spending time with his wonderful wife, daughter, cats and dogs; he also designs jewelry, and is a professional nature and travel photographer.

Dr. Eskanos’ practice philosophy: 

We are healers. We are here to help others in their own healing, and to heal ourselves in the process.  We do this in a comfortable, caring and supportive environment. We help our patients by discovering, diagnosing and treating decay, dysfunction and disease.  We treat their problems with as much empathy and compassion as possible because we know that the care we provide comes at a price.  That price is measured by the investment of time and money our patients are willing to make to improve their appearance and in the discomfort they are willing to endure at our hands to achieve their health goals.

The rewards for our care are great. We are paid in smiles, in the trust our patients show through their referrals and in the knowledge that we have the ability to improve peoples’ lives. Remember that we deal with people, not just teeth. They have feelings, concerns and problems just as we do. We should try to help our patients and each other with any problem that exists.