Mini Implants

Learn more about Mini Implants

A mini implant consists of a miniature-sized titanium implant that functions as the root of the tooth. Placed on the top of the implant is a retaining fixture that snaps into a corresponding fixture on the denture. The mini implant assures a more comfortable and stable denture that allows you to enjoy your day-to-day life without worrying about your teeth and smile.

What is the Difference Between Mini Implants and Ordinary-sized Implants?

Regularly sized implants need a specific amount of bone structure to be available for placement. With mini implants, less space is required, which then allows the use of a site that has less than adequate bone.

The placement of the mini implant is also simpler than placing full-sized implants. Full implants require months of healing before they can offer the level of reliability and stability required. While mini implants can support the denture immediately after treatment.

Completed in a simple and pain-free procedure, mini implant placement requires a recovery time of just a day or two. And modifications can be made on the same day the implant is placed. This means patients can begin enjoying their new denture and start their new life right away.

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