Preventive Care

Discover the Latest Preventative Care Tips Today

Studies show that preventative care is of the utmost importance in safeguarding your oral health as you age. Simply following the latest oral hygiene care at home and scheduling appointments with your dentist can help protect your teeth and gums.

The following are several tips for reducing the impact of plaque and cavities:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth at least twice per day. You can use a fluoride toothpaste to eliminate food particles and plaque. Remember also to brush the top surface of your tongue as this will help remove any remaining food particles and keep your breath fresh.

Clean between your teeth by flossing at least once a day

After flossing, you can use a mouthwash to help remove leftover bacteria and freshen your breath. Decay-causing bacteria is known to linger between the teeth in the spots where your toothbrush cannot reach. The combination of floss and mouthwash is the ideal option for removing plaque and food particles between the teeth and gum line.

Eat a balanced diet

Follow your dentist’s dietary recommendations and limit consumption of sugary treats. The most common nutritious foods such as plain yogurt, raw vegetables, and fruits can help to keep your smile healthy for the years to come.

Remember to schedule regular checkups

A regular checkup with your dentist can help in spotting issues before they become a long-standing problem. Remember to book a cleaning every six months to keep your teeth in ideal condition. Ask your dentist about products such as dental sealants, which can add a layer of protection to your teeth.

Consider additional protection options

If you play sports you might consider additional steps in protecting your teeth. For example, consider mouth guards if you play contact sports on a regular basis.

Has it been six months since you last saw the dentist? It’s the ideal time to book another appointment. Call Dr. J Dental today to schedule your next checkup.